The Lioness Has an Accomplice


I recently processed this photo I call "open mouth lion face" and was astounded at the position of the face. It has an open mouth and a exposed tongue.

This outline glyph is located next to the "Lioness" and is looking directly at any who would be walking along the foot path on their way to the Ceremonial site. This glyph and dozens more are located along a long line of relatively flat faced cliff faces that stretch for several miles. It was a natural billboard. A place where this art was created to show the importance of this site to anyone that passed by. I have called this stretch "billboard alley" because of its ability to have so many petroglyph's, outline glyph's and pictographs placed there for people to see as they walked by.

Once you have reached the Lioness outline glyph you have already passed by many of these rock face glyph's. Here are a few below.

Wall of Many Faces

As I have stated before though, the Lioness glyph was intentionally separated from this continuous line of rock cliffs to only show her, standing alone. This new glyph I just processed is just a few yards past her and below her. Below is a photo of our new friend.

Open Mouth Lion Face

This is not the first face that has its mouth open and its tongue showing. See below

Taunting Face Outline Glyph

This glyph is also facing exactly towards the foot path. The rock representing the tongue is a separate rock from the main body that was inserted to portray the image of a tongue. On our new image, the tongue is part of the main body lower jaw. However, the roof of the mouth was carved at a upward angle to show it as an gap between the tongue and lower jaw.

Also, this is not a small glyph. It is approximately five feet wide and six feet tall.

I am curious as to the cultural meaning of the art portraying the tongue sticking out my Ancestors created there. In our western culture, it