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About Bear Spirit Mountain

Pleistocene Period Archaeological Site

Bear Spirit Mountain* is a pilgrimage site that was used by some of the first early North Americans as a place for Ceremony and worship of the Creator. This site dates back many thousands of years. There are hundreds of rock structures including petroglyphs, pictographs, outline glyphs, split stones, base stone cairns, ground cairns, altars, Serpent wall and Sun effigies.  There are several sets of sacred man made stone circles. It is truly a place of great Spiritual activity. Join me in helping to protect and preserve this ancient treasure. 

*Until we have enough funding to protect the site, we use the alias name "Bear Spirit Mountain" for the site.

about the author

Matthew "Maasaw" Howard has been discovering American Indian sites now for over five years. To date, he has discovered (8) sites from Canada to Virginia.


He is a published author of "Adonvdo Yona (Bear Spirit) Mountain, An Ancestral Awakening" and "As I Rest, Let My Face Touch Heaven." He also teaches courses at a local university and lectures around the country on American Indian culture and burial practices. 

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