"At Bear Spirit Mountain recent discoveries include proof of the observance of Summer and Winter solstices, Sun effigies, Serpent Wall effigies, and other archaeological finds.  Each discovery lifts our spirits, energizes us and makes us proud of who we are, appreciative of our ancestors and those who are determined to preserve this heritage.  These individuals are Bear Spirit Mountains themselves. These dedicated individuals are making it possible for me and others to someday experience this spirit in person.  Thanks to them, that day may be soon.  May they continue to be spiritually blessed as they continue today discovering and preserving the spirits of yesterday."


- Glenna J. Wallace, Chief

Eastern Shawnee Tribe of Oklahoma


Journal Newspaper Article about Bear Spirit Mountain

Hagerstown Herald Newspaper Story on Bear Spirit Mountain

Split Photo Serpent with a Mouse In Its Mouth Petroglyph

Split Photo 30' Tall Man's Face

"The Snail" Base Stone Cairn

     Four Human Face Glyphs                       Split Photos

"The Lioness" Outline Glyph Split Photo with Mastodon  Pictograph

Split Photo Charging Mastodon Pictograph

         Split Photo of an

Outline Glyph of a Large Ape

"Smiling Man" Outline glyph with Male Lion Petroglyph

    Forrest Environmental Services                 http://www.fesinc.net/

Performed Electric Resistivity and Ground Penetrating Radar testing on two of the Ceremonial Circles, three of the Rock Mounds, and two of the Serpent Wall effigies.

 We also have performed testing on the Earthen Mound with conclusive results that it is a man-made burial mound.

Man-Made Earthen              Burial Mound

GPR Testing Result

Serpent Wall ER Testing

Three Burial Rock Mounds ER              and GPR Testing

Two Ceremonial Circles ER Testing

Serpent Effigy Rock Mound Burial

Pyramidical Rock Mound Burial

The "Guardian Serpent"                              Outline Glyph

Split Photo "Flying Bird" Petroglyph on Standing Stone in Front of Burial Mound

Split Photo Tortoise Face Petroglyph

Split Photo Phallus Fertility Glyphs

Split Photo "Flying Bird" Petroglyph on Standing Stone in Front of Rock Burial Mound

Split Photo Small Rodent                       Pictograph

Single Burial Mound on top of         the Pyramid Mountain

Hopewell Period Earthen                     Burial Mound

Heading 1

A Single Ray of Light to Prove Summer Solstice Beginnings

              Short Face Bear

                Outline Glyph

Rock Totem Petroglyphs Titled            "Silly Faces" Split Photo

Wooly Mammoth Pictograph        on  Carved Altar Rock

"Leo" Male Lion Head Outline                          Glyph Split Photo

Female Lion Head

        Outline Glyph Split Photo

"Kneeling Mother with Child" Petroglyph on Standing Stone                           Split Photo

Two-Headed Resting Buffalo                                    Outline Glyph

Split Photo "Tortoise on its Back" Petroglyph

Split Photo Bison Outline Glyph

American Indian Black Quartzite                  Quarry Mine

 Buffalo Effigy Rock Mound                           Burial Site

Split Photo Serpent Effigy Burial Mound

Split Photo "Sleeping Horse" Outline Glyph

Split Photo Man's Face          Portable Rock Art

    Split Photo Short Face Bear                          Outline Glyph

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