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Earthen Mound Test Results


Before heading out for the next three weeks to Indonesia to visit Ingrid's family and the Gunung Padang Pyramid (, I wanted to update everyone on the first result from our Electric Resistivity testing at the earthen mound on Bear Spirit Mountain. Keep in mind this is just one of the results that we have been sent so far.

The results are quite compelling that this is a man made mound. According to our Geophysicist AndyForrest "ER Line 4 indicates with Regolith/Coluvium which is a geologic term for layer of loose broken rock or fill to about 20 feet. ER Line 4 shows the edge of the regolith/coluvoim/fill extent to the east but not to the west."

Translation is that the loose and broken soil and rock that was placed there was done so by man. The term "fill" is used even today to describe a hole that had soil or rock placed in it or above it. He also indicated that broken rock was detected as either the content of the mound, or, as part of multiple contents of the mound. I have found evidence on the surface of this mound that broken rock is present just a few feet below the surface. Past trees that once grew on this mound and later died leaving a empty root ball hole show broken rock around the perimeter of the trees. It is the same for existing trees that are alive today. They also show broken rock around the base of the trees that was pushed to the surface as the tree grew bigger over decades. This is the guts of the mounds contents. Soil and broken rock. Fortunately, this ER result shows it on a scientific level.

Broken rock pulled up from the contents of the mound by the tree as it grew larger

This graph also shows the the east/northeast side of the mound is more shallow in depth in comparison to to west/southwest side and was this was also verified by Andy's statement.

While we cannot conclusively say this is a burial mound yet, we can say we are confident that it's a man made mound. Combine that with other similar mounds through out the eastern US that were excavated in the past we can be at least confident that burials is what it was intended for. Also, there are many rock mound burials next to this mound as well.

Keep in mind that we performed this testing with the owners permission. This is his land and his mound. While we can only strongly urge the owner to respect this site it is out of our hands. I have asked and advised him to never dig at this mound or allow digging of any kind here. To date, he has been very respectful of the treasure he has on his land.

There are more results to come. I am especially excited to see the ground penetrating radar results from above the mound looking downward.

Below is the graph of this particular ER line results.

As we learn more I will keep you updated.



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