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Results of Electric Resistivity Testing

Osiyo good people,

Things are really heating up at Bear Spirit Mountain. The Ancestors are on the prowl bringing us some amazing answers to the questions we have about their Ceremonial Site that dates back at least 12,000 years ago.

Recently, we had a Geophysicist by the name of Andy Forrest, of Forrest Environmental Services, visit our site. He brought with him a powerful tool that uses electric current to paint a picture of what's below the surface of the ground. His results have absolutely astounded us. They show that there is so much more going on there than what we can see on the surface. I will describe his findings below.

Regarding the Ceremonial Circles. There was nothing that was noteworthy found there. I suspected this beforehand but felt it couldn't hurt to test it. Everything located there which are large and small boulders that were carved or painted as human or animal effigies or carved altar rocks is above the surface with no anomalies detected.

Regarding the Serpent Wall. Andy stated that for the full length of the wall, which is ninety-two yards long of the main body of the wall, he found large rocks that extended down to a depth of ten feet. He believes that this is an extension of the wall itself. This means the wall, which is currently at an average height of four feet above the surface, could be up to fourteen feet tall in total. This is incredible. Also keeping in mind I have located three of these Serpent Wall effigies within three-quarters of a mile of each other to date. The other two also could be of similar height.

Also, located in the south end of the wall is a different type/shape of stone. Whereas the other placed boulders in the wall are round in shape, there is one that is shaped like an arch. As you know those are usually made for above doorways and used for structural support. To my knowledge, it is the only stone shaped like this in the wall.

When looking at the data, at this exact location the arch stone is located, is a void area underneath the surface. I suspect this was a chamber or room of some kind built into the Serpent. Possibly a place for the Shaman to practice his religious rituals.

Our "Winter Serpent" wall effigy, as we call it due to its winter solstice alignment has revealed some of its secrets. I know there are much more waiting.

Lastly, regarding the three rock mounds that we tested. Our goal was to determine whether or not these rock mounds were used as burial sites over 12,000 years ago. To do so, determining if there are voids under these mounds would present strong evidence that the soil was deliberately moved and a void created by man. This is a practice of burial that is still used today.

When Andy analyzed the data, he stated that there are three small voids that were located under the three rock mounds. Also, there were no voids in the distance between the rock mounds. Only directly under these three rock mounds, that we tested. This leads to strong evidence that these, and the over three hundred other rock mounds I have located on this mountain so far, as well as the hundreds of others in West Virginia located at other sites were used for burials. This could be the evidence that the scientific community has been looking for to solve the riddle of the "rock mounds" and what they were used for.

In the future, Andy will come back out with his GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar) and we will build a small ramp so that he can push his unit up and over these mounds using the radar to test for these voids and hopefully either confirm or disprove the ER testing.

Below are the charts showing the results.

Ceremonial Circles

Serpent Wall

Rock Mounds

I am so excited for what we are learning about this very special site. My Ancestors created a site that was a religious pilgrimage site for people and we believe it was in continuous use for over a thousand years. The sheer number of structures and rock art we have found would have taken decades or more to build to make this mountain a Ceremonial site. They are not forgotten. They are alive again, with the words you are reading about their achievements today.



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