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Bear Spirit Mountain

Osiyo, or hello in Cherokee.

The voices of our Ancestors are alive through Bear Spirit Mountain and the incredible rock structures found there as well as the dozens of amazing rock art in the form of petroglyphs, pictographs, serpent wall, and sun effigies, outline glyphs, stone circles, and niches.

When we bought this sight over two years ago we had no idea what the strange rock structures were. When we were greeted by a large black bear we didn't at that moment understand what he was doing there. But we knew that there is something unique and special about this place. In my bones, I felt this powerful pull to those rocks despite my ignorance.

It's now been over two years since we bought this land. In that time my life has completely changed. What I and our team have discovered there can and probably will rewrite history regarding our most ancient North American Ancestors.

These were, according to Historians and Archaeologists, the earliest of immigrants to this continent. They arrived here from Siberia through the land bridge that once connected present-day Alaska to Russia. However, I also know that they traveled here by an ice bridge that once connected present-day France to Canada and the United States during the time when ice glaciers extended into the lower half of the United States many times. Others traveled by boat from Polynesia, Africa, and the Middle East. There is even evidence with the Cherokee people of Jewish migrants that assimilated with the Cherokee several thousand years ago.

The region that this site is located in the United States is called Appalachia. These massive ice glaciers did extend to this region many times before receding north. Just as an America is a melting pot today it was then as well over twelve thousand years ago.

I have decided to use this blog as a two-fold instrument to assist our efforts to protect, preserve and study this archaeological treasure.

This blog will allow our wonderful supporters and friends to follow our findings there over time. You can learn in real time the next amazing discovery. Keep in mind to date less than forty percent of this mountain has been explored. There is more greatness yet to come. Especially with the (2) potential village sites I have located. They will be mapped and recorded in great detail this fall. Imagine being at a village site that pre-dates the Egyptian Pyramids by over eight thousand years! I can't wait to get there again.

Secondly, this blog will serve as a written journal for this site. I have been keeping an old-school writing style journal of what we do and what we find there. Much of that journal ended up in my new book, "Adonvdo Yona," (Bear Spirit) Mountain, "An Ancestral Awakening." This blog will serve in that capacity now in keeping a written record of future events. It will also serve as a foundation for my future books in this series.

Thank you for following us, for supporting us as we endeavor to protect and expand this Archaeological site so even more of this sacred mountain can be protected long after I have left this world to join my Ancestors in the next.


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