Upcoming Event Dates For Bear Spirit Mountain

August 6, 2019



  Below is a calendar of events coming up for Bear Spirit Mountain Research and Education.


August 19th- Geophysical testing at site 1, site 2 and at the Earthen Mound. 


Site 1- Ground Penetrating Radar will be used to retest and confirm the April data we obtained using electric resistivity  testing methods on the same three rock mounds previously tested. Our goal is to either confirm or dismiss the theory that these rock mounds are indeed burials. The first round of ER testing shown voids/cavities under all three of the rock mound tested which points to man made holes dug under these rock mounds.


                Andy Forrest of Forrest Environmental Services and His Team Running a ER                                                                  Line Next to Three Rock Mounds




Serpent Wall Tail-GPR will be used to test the tail section of the Serpent wall to determine how deep it runs and to determine the density of the tail section of the wall that makes a sharp up-slope turn to the north west. The rocks here are mostly subsurface and there are gaps between the rock piles. Is this section of the wall just buried much deeper due to water runoff from the mountain or are these breaks and gaps between rock piles an effigy of a Rattlesnakes tail buttons? 


                                       Tail Section of Serpent Wall illustrating Individual Rock Piles


Site 2-Electric Resistivity testing will be conducted at the neighboring property Serpent wall just beyond site 1 (with owner's permission)  to determine if the data is similar to the Serpent wall at site 1. 


                                                               Midsection of Site 2 Serpent Wall


Earthen Mound- GPR will  be used for complete coverage of the earthen mound to determine its contents. 




Sunday, August 25th at 10 am- Buffalo Gap Resort, Capon Bridge, West Virginia

                                                                     Lecture on Bear Spirit Mountain Archaeological Site



September 28th and 29th- Capon Bridge, West Virginia Festival


I will be in attendance for book signings and answering any questions about our sites


                                                        Beautiful Capon Bridge, West Virginia


October 14th-  

Daughters of the American Revolution, Charles Town Chapter


I was invited to give a lecture on our findings to this group



Friday, November 1st-  Eastern States Archaeological Federation (ESAF) in Langhorne, Pennsylvania


I am invited to give a lecture on my findings at the Short Mountain, Virginia site at this annual conference for East Coast Archaeologists




Site 3- Saturday, November 30th at 10 am


Ceremony for the Ancestors


We will be holding Ceremony to rebuild many of the burial rock mounds that were desecrated many years ago. We will respectfully restore the integrity of each grave and restore the honor for those who are buried there.


You are ALL invited to join in this sacred Ceremony


Thank you to everyone who makes everything happen at Bear Spirit Mountain


If you have any questions call me at 304-702-1499












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