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As I Rest, My Face Will Touch Heaven


Bear Spirit Mountain has been a very busy place the last few days. So many new and wonderful discoveries has left my mind busy and my heart full.

A few days ago, my life long friend Jimmy Watson and I decided it was time that we finally made the trek to the Pyramid Mountain. If you read my book you will remember this as the place where I had a theory that it was a very holy mountain. A place where only the Shaman or high Priest would be allowed to ascend. I also believed that its location was one of the main reasons everything else on Bear Spirit Mountain was created.

The Pyramid Mountain is aptly named because of its natural triangular shape. I believe that long before man was making his own pyramids, he was using natural mountains that were shaped like a triangle, or a pyramid in the same way the future Egyptians made their many pyramids. The same principle applies to the Ziggurat of Ur pyramid that was made by the Mesopotamians. The Chavin de Huantar pyramid of Peru that was made by the pre-Columbian Chavin people, and so many more around the world.

The triangle is a three sided object which is in almost every culture is considered a sacred shape. You may liken it to the Christian Trinity of the father, son and holy spirit. The term "trinity" though actually predates all of the known major religions by several thousand years and is pagan.


From Babylon to Greece to Sumeria most of the cultures had a form of the trinity in their religions.

My Ancestors saw this shape in the same way. There are many structures at my Ceremonial site that were intentionally placed to mimic a triangle. The "Three Sisters" site which has three boulders intentionally placed in a triangle shape all of which have petroglyph's on them. At the three Ceremonial circles, they were place with two circles at the bottom of the hill and one at the top forming a triangle. And of course they saw the Pyramid Mountain and based on its shape and location they knew this is where they needed to build their Ceremonial/burial sites.

My suspicion was that at the top of the Pyramid Mountain there may be man made structures such as altars, burial cairns, split stones, niches, base stone cairns, etc. Maybe even a Serpent or two similar to the ones at our site. If my theory was correct based on the position of the two mountain ridges forming a natural arrow and pointing directly to it there must be evidence even after these many thousands of years that have passed by of religious activity.

As Jimmy and I parked our vehicle I was very excited. We entered the forest and walked a few hundred yards. Off to my left I saw a cluster of rocks. We walked over to it and based on the circular pattern I recognized it to be a rock mound, or ground cairn. It was buried very deep with just a few dozen rocks showing. This definitely matched the profile of the hundreds of other cairns I had seen just like it. And based on the build up of decomposed matter on its edges it is very old. Our first evidence that this mountain was used in the same manner as the other mountain ridges pointing to it. As we looked around though, it seemed to be the only one. We were at a lower elevation, so possibly there's more evidence closer to the top.

Rock Mound near bottom of the mountain

After we walked a few more hundred yards we started to see the Pyramid Mountain was not going too make the ascent to the top easy. We quickly encountered a major boulder field making our footing treacherous. Next the mountain decided to become quite steep for the last few hundred feet. Walking was difficult and we would take a dozen or two steps and stop, survey the path and then proceed again. The pace was slow, deliberate and safety was paramount.

Typical terrain climbing up the mountain

Persistence was our friend and we finally broke out of the boulder field and started to see the summit. We had climbed around six hundred feet so far and we were happy to know we were close to our goal.

As we cleared the boulder field it opened up to a much more hospitable terrain. We were only about seventy five feet from the top of the mountain when a large boulder with a cut mark caught my attention. I walked closer to it and immediately recognized it. It is an altar stone. The cut mark was a chunk of the rock that was cut out leaving a small shelf of fourteen inches deep and eighteen inches wide. The cut was in a triangular shape. It's very obvious that the chunk that was removed from this boulder was quite intentional. The shelf had been covered in a substance called bitumen, This substance has been in use for over forty thousand years by humans. ( )

We know it today by the name asphalt.

Altar carved into this boulder and lined with Bitumen

To make bitumen was an extensive process so whatever they were using it for had to be something of great importance.

Having located this filled me with great elation. An altar very near the top of the mountain was an incredible sign and provided hard evidence this mountain was considered very sacred to these people. After studying and recording this find I lifted my eyes to see something striking at the top of the mountain. I started walking towards it.

My heart began to leap as I recognized this as another rock mound. As I walked up to it both Jimmy and I were looking around for others like it. Except, there were none. It was alone. Isolated. But why? Most rock mounds are in clusters. Sometimes numbering in the dozens in one area.

Like a lightning bolt it hit me. This rock mound, and the person buried under it had to be an extremely important person to have been buried here. I pulled out my compass and checked our elevation. We were at sixteen hundred and sixty feet. I took about ten steps to the right. Sixteen hundred and fifty five feet. I then returned to the mound and took about ten steps to the left. Sixteen hundred and fifty two feet. This rock mound was placed at the exact highest point on this mountain. The apex. Most importantly, it is closest to the Creator. It was also looking directly at my Ceremonial site that was about a mile away in the valley below.

I was standing next to a rock mound that housed a person that could have been the architect of what we know as Bear Spirit Mountain. A Shaman or High Priest. Perhaps the Chief of the tribe that was responsible for all that was built. I was stunned. I became very emotional at the thought of what was in front of me. My thoughts were pay your respects to this person. I produced some tobacco, turned and spun around and faced all four directions and then placed it on the mound. Next, I lit some sage that I had brought and placed it on the mound next to the tobacco. I spoke to the person at the mound and told him he is not forgotten and thanked him for bringing me to Bear Spirit Mountain and this very place today.

Paying proper respect to my Ancestor

It then occurred to me that my theory was correct. This is a extremely holy mountain. And the other two mountain ridges that point to it are showing an natural arrow that is pointing to the holiest place for religious activities. To have seen this during this time of its creation when there were no trees in this area, just a grassland must have been a clear sign that this is a sign from the Creator that this is the place they must build their holy shrine. Their outdoor church to worship, pray and eventually for many to be their final resting place.

And for the person entombed under this rock mound at the top of the Pyramid Mountain, a place where his face can truly touch heaven.

As we photographed and recorded this rock mound we also began to search around the general area for other structures. Jimmy located several split stones nearby. He has an incredible eye for finding ancient rock features and I know he is chosen to do so. If you are unfamiliar with this type of rock structure it is a rock that has been split into two or more pieces. It was thought by my Ancestors that the "split" in the rock was a portal or doorway for the spirits, or Ancestors to join them in this world. They would also return to their world in the same manner.

Split Stone where the Spirits/Ancestors may join the Shaman

Our path would lead us to the west and a slight descent from the top. We walked about fifty yards away and came to this lovely plateau. It was amazing how flat this small area was considering we are still at the top of the mountain. As I entered this flat area I was struck with a vision. I could clearly see people sitting around a fire in this exact location. It occurred to me that this was a staging area. A place where they would camp out for the night awaiting the sunrise to begin their worship ceremonies. I had chills standing there as this vision was happening. I told Jimmy about it and being he is used to this things happening to me he just smiled.

The staging or camp site area

After spending a few hours at the top of the Pyramid Mountain we decided to check out a few other sites that were at my Ceremonial site and the nearby area.

I had just had an incredible experience. And, I know Jimmy did as well, He has an incredibly strong energy and I know my Ancestors have chosen him to be a part of this incredible journey. He has made many discoveries at Bear Spirit Mountain over the years. I am lucky to have him there with me.

I will return to the top of the Pyramid Mountain every year now for the rest of my days. I will do more research and explore the entire mountain.

To be honest though. I mostly just want to sit there next to that rock mound and commune with my Ancestor. He is in a better place and has given me the incredible honor of learning about their ways. Of learning about their creations and their harmony with nature. I have that gift. I believe they gave it to me. Things are revealed to me by them. And now, I will continue to tell their story. Remind you of your responsibility to your Ancestors no matter where they are from for without them, you wouldn't be here reading this right now. Remember them. Reach out to them. Appreciate them.



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