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Updates for Bear Spirit Mountain


As you all know Bear Spirit Mountain is a very special site for many reasons. The sheer beauty of it and the spiritual significance of men and women of days gone by help to bring sanity to many of us who live in a crazy world today. The ability to still practice the "old ways" as my Ancestors did many thousands of years ago instills a calm and peace in anyone who has visited and communed with their Creator and their Ancestors there.

I have seen people, strong people, visit our Ceremonial site and begin shaking and crying as the impact of the presence of their Creator and Ancestors became evident.

And while we know the power and beauty of the spiritual aspects of the site, the scientific significance is just now starting to be understood. The hundreds of rock mounds, or ground cairns there have recently been proven to be burial sites through geophysical resitivity testing. These results showing a cavity, or void in the center of each of the three rock mounds we tested make these the oldest known American Indian burials anywhere in North America, and even burials throughout the world. These tests also opened our eyes to the fact that we are only seeing a portion of these rock mounds in their entirety. While above the surface they can range from two feet to four feet tall, we learned on average they are another three to four feet deeper below the surface. Imagine a burial mound that is six to ten feet tall of simple stacked rocks. Now imagine hundreds of them stretched over a couple of miles. This is the sacred nature of Bear Spirit Mountain. A place to bury the deceased and to celebrate their lives with ceremony their ascent to the sacred hunting grounds in the sky.

We also learned our Serpent Wall effigy is actually ten feet deeper that what we see on the surface. This wall is between twelve to fourteen feet tall in total. Much of it being buried by compost over many thousands of years. And in the south section of the wall towards the end of it we found another void, which appears to be a chamber of some kind. A place possibly the Shaman would go for spiritual purposes. Amazing discoveries proven by science.

And yesterday, I was told by my Ancestors an answer to a question I have had since we bought this treasure. I have often wondered "why me?" I am but a small part of the American Indian heritage. My ancestry is made up of mostly British/Scandinavian history which I have traced back over nine hundred years to the Kingdom of Mercia before there was even an England.

Kingdom of Mercia

Knowing the detailed history of my family I was perplexed why I was given the honor and brought to Bear Spirit Mountain.

My Ancestors have their reasons, and many go beyond simply my families historical journey. But, I am sure that they still wanted someone that did have some connection to the Native peoples of this continent.

The history we learned growing up has told us that the first people who came here did so by the land bridge (Beringia) that once connected Alaska to Russia approximately fifteen to twenty thousand years ago. They were of Asian descent and they would eventually become the American Indians.

Today though, we are learning that many people came here many different ways. Some came from Africa by boat, either accidentally or intentionally. Others came from SE Asia by boat and landed in areas like Peru and Washington state. Many people from many different parts of the world came here through many different means.

One particular people also came by a bridge over the water, an ice bridge. There have been many Ice Ages that have occurred over the last 100,000 years. And on many occasions, Europe was attached to Canada by a large ice bridge. People would cross over this ice bridge into North America and some even made a return trip back to France/Europe. How do we know this? By the artifacts that are being found all over the Delmarva peninsula today. These people were called the Solutreans.

Below is a short movie of how they possibly arrived here.

While some find this controversial, the facts are the sites, such as Cactus Hill, VA have the same type of tools that were used in the coast of Western Europe and differ from the tools made elsewhere in the west and central parts of the US and Canada.

The reason some find this controversial or even "racist" in our politically toxic world we live in today is some have made the assertion that the Europeans are the "first" people here in the US. I am not making that claim. There could have been thousands here from other parts of the world long before them. People who had been here for centuries or more. Nor am I claiming the Europeans or "Caucasians" were the first people in America. Frankly, I don't know, will never know, and don't really care which "group" was first to settle present day America. Whoever they were and wherever they were from is irrelevant to me regarding who was here first. The people that were here first and those that soon followed would become the Native peoples of present day America wherever they were from. I believe there were a mixture of different people from different places. This is why the Cherokee people look much different then the Lakota, and the Lakota look different from the Apache people and so forth.

However, the evidence of the Solutrean people settling in the Delmarva area of the US is undeniable. They may have been a small group. We don't know. But I am certain they would assimilate with other people that were here and become part of the Native people of what is present day America. I believe this land we call America has always been a melting pot.

So where does all this tie into my story? Why was I brought to Bear Spirit Mountain? I was told yesterday why.

The fact that I have several generations of Cherokee and one generation of Tuscarora along with English and Scandinavian roots makes me a person that is connected to both the Native people of America and possibly the Solutrean people of Western Europe. It is very plausible that many thousands of years ago, I had Ancestors that were Solutreans that would assimilate with other Native people who were already here, combining their heritages into one one people. And, on two occasions in my visions the people that I have seen at my site, the protector spirits which are comprised of a man and woman, husband and wife, the man always looked darker in skin color than the woman. Coincidence? Maybe. But, this is something I saw over two years ago when I wasn't even aware of the "Solutrean" peoples existence.

In my heart, this question has been answered. Of course there were other reasons, not just heritage. But, having both ancestries was a important part of the equation for my family who brought me there. A'Ho

So, onto other news.

Last week I attended a meeting. I was invited to tell the local county govt. all about our treasure at Bear Spirit Mountain. It was an important meeting because these good people can help me do the one thing that drives more than anything else regarding this site. Protect it.

These folks are with a local trust that can, if the choose have the conservation easement portion of the deed on the land put into a trust. This trust, will change the deed and declare that it can never be developed by anyone, ever. They will even write in this deed that not a spade of dirt can be moved or a rock disturbed, ever.

After I was finished speaking, and they lifted their jaws off the table as to what is in their back yard, they made a motion to immediately have this piece of land, and any other like it that I can acquire in the future, placed into this protective trust.

The acts of protecting this property are in motion now. It will take about a year to cut through all the legal red tape. However, I know our site will be protected after I am nothing but dust in the wind. I am making sure though, that one exception is made regarding digging at our site. That exception is that my wonderful wife and I are buried there, side by side in the same way as my Ancestors were in rock mound fashion. It would be an honor beyond words to have her there with me as she is so much a part of this story. A very important part on many levels. I am a blessed man.

I will be sending out another blog blast in a day or two with an update on a recent finding at Bear Spirit Mountain that will change history as we know it.



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