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Potential New Serpent Wall Effigy Located

Sunday, October 28th was a pretty amazing day. We had invited our friend Jason Buckman to visit our site at Bear Spirit Mountain. Jason has a interesting American Indian site of his own in Virginia. He lives next to several small creeks that confluence together. These areas were always held as sacred places for the Ancestors. They also sometimes contain the hardest stones as the multiple creeks have cut their way through them over millenia to eventually join together. Those stones the indigenous people would quarry for tool usage. Jason has a plethora of different stones at his location including some of the harder Quartz and Jasper that were coveted tool making stones. He has also found some animal effigies.

As we arrived at our access road I was driving slowly pointing out a few of the base stone and ground cairns that are just a few yards off the road. Just a few minutes into the journey we heard Jason ask us: "is that a rock wall over there?" I stopped the car and looked in that direction and I could see that there was a line of rocks that were stacked. I had not seen this before.

As we discussed the implications of the potential new wall I told him and Ingrid that once we leave our site I will stop and ask the home owner for permission to walk and see what this line of rocks are.

We continued our drive for a few hundred yards. I stopped the car at a outline glyph I wanted to show Jason. As we finished looking at this glyph a black SUV pulled up and stopped next to us. He said his boys were deer hunting and saw us walking around and they were nervous because they didn't know us. Completely understandable for teenage boys. I had met this gentleman a year previous and knew he lived on this access road. I asked him to remind me which house was his and he told us. Jason and I looked at each other and smiled because this is the very house/location the potential wall is on. We asked his permission to stop on the way out and he said "stop anytime you want." I would call this a coincidence except these things like this happen on this mountain so frequently that it's just a normal occurrence.

After we finished walking our Ceremonial site we did stop on the way out.

As we walked back and forth following the stacked line of stones I was thinking that it reminded me of the "Summer Serpent." It was about the same height. It appears to be much shorter in length. But I also noticed some circularly shaped rock piles that were similar to the "Egg Effigy" at the "Winter Serpent." I also noticed one circular shaped outline but this was different. Instead of fully filled in rock piles this was small stacked rocks, approximately two to three stones each placed in a circular shape. The center was empty of stones. Again, this reminded me of the "Summer Serpent" because the "Egg Effigy" there is in a similar configuration.

We spent about twenty minutes exploring this new structure. Because of the leaf clutter it was hard to locate which end was the head. I will return soon and clear away the leaves to have a clearer picture of what is truly there. But I am thorough and I will have to do a lot more research to officially call it a Serpent Wall effigy. I have a lot of measurements to take and recording to do for certainty sake. I have three other Serpent Wall effigies on that mountain already that this one has to live up to.

I have decided that if this is confirmed I will call the this effigy the "Buckman Serpent." Named after Jason, who alertly discovered it on his first visit ever to Bear Spirit Mountain. Well done Jason. The Ancestors chose you to reveal this too. That is an incredible honor.


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